102075 RG2-FT Onrobot Intelligent gripper with int. force-torque

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Product information "102075 RG2-FT Onrobot Intelligent gripper with int. force-torque"

Robot gripper RG2-FT


Accurate sensing improves production quality by reducing errors by up to 60% in delicate placement operations.

Easy-to-program sensing allows the robot to act as the operator's third arm through human-like part transfer.

Ability to automate insertion tasks not previously possible reduces operating costs by up to 40%.

The RG2-FT Intelligent Robot Gripper is an advanced gripper with additional tactile sense and intelligence. It has an integrated force/torque and proximity sensor for extremely precise automation. This enables true collaboration with human operators and supports them like a helping hand. Insertion is faster and more precise. For example, this gripper can easily insert pens, which would be difficult for humans. Due to advanced sensor technology, the gripper provides the robot with the ability to sense when a part has been correctly assembled during assembly. The RG2-FT robotic gripper offers high productivity and fast deployment, saving technicians many man-hours during integration.

The world's first robotic gripper that can see and feel objects with its integrated force/torque and proximity sensors to ensure extremely safe handling

The RG2-FT can accurately detect the position of objects. It detects the risk of slippage before it happens, improving production quality through accurate sensing.

Seamless integration with the robot of your choice. For example, Universal Robots, Nachi, Doosan, Yaskawa, TM Robot, Kawasaki, ABB, Kuka, Hanwha, Fanuc.

Technical data

dimensions: 219 x 149 x 49 mm

gripper mass: 0,98 kg

max. payload force closure: 2 kg

max. payload form closure: 4 kg

total stroke: 100mm

gripping force: 3 - 40 N

power supply: 24V

IP protection class: IP54

Required option for mounting on the robot (one of them):

Single quick coupler - robot side

Dual quick coupler - robot side


Required option for connection to the robot (one of them):

Direct connection to the tool flange

Connection kit with compute box

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